Hippo Room

1 1/2 - 2 years old

Hippo Room


Welcome to the Hippo Room!

We are happy to be starting the new school year with you! My name is Khyan Reid, and I will be the teacher in the Hippo Room. My assistants this year will be Flo Ziemer and Kieron Clark. Although there may be a few tears in the beginning, as the year progresses, those tears will transform into many smiles and laughter! Their faces will light up with excitement to play with all their new friends and see what fun activities we have planned for them each day! Speaking of, we have so many fun activities planned for our Hippos this year! We will be learning our ABC’s, colors, shapes, and counting. We are really excited to get our hands (and maybe feet) a little messy as we explore with different textures through different sensory activities. We will be using playdoh, paint, coloring, and some glue! But, above all, we cannot wait to share all the stories of God’s love for us and just how much they are loved by Him!

We will be following a daily schedule in our room. I know that there will be some adjustment time for our new Hippos, so this is something that we will ease into within the first few weeks. Should you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for allowing us to love and teach your children! Looking forward to a wonderful year!


-Khyan, Flo, and Kieron



Greet parents and children (puzzles and coloring at tables)
Tumble Room
Circle Time: Bible Story, Songs
Creative Art
Free Play / Centers (1st diaper check)
Clean Up
Circle Time (Letters, Numbers, Colors, Shapes)
Music & Movement: Gross Motor Skills (2nd diaper check)
Read Aloud
Centers at the tables
Parent Pick Up

What do I need to bring to class?

  • Change of clothes (including socks and underwear) in a gallon size LABELED zip lock bag
  • 2 diapers labeled
  • 2 sippy cups labeled
  • Please wear socks
  • Lunch with age appropriate food – we would greatly appreciate no yogurt, pudding, or anything else with this consistency. If you are sending grapes, please make sure that they are cut into halves. This helps to make lunch time go smooth for all of us.

Important things to remember as you come to MDO each day:

Hand Washing
Before entering the classroom, please wash your child’s hands with soap and running water in the bathroom next to the MDO entrance. Hopefully this will help our little Hippos, and our teachers, stay healthy all year! Your cooperation in helping to prevent the spread of germs is greatly appreciated!
Separation Anxiety
It is very common for children at this age to have separation anxiety, especially during the first few weeks of Mom’s Day Out. We find that the best way to calm a child is for mom or dad to say a quick goodbye and let your child know you will be back after lunch to pick him or her up. Many children cry as mom or dad is leaving, but will quickly calm down after your departure. Please be assured that we will make certain your child is loved and helped through this transition. We will contact you if your child cannot be calmed. If you must peek…please be discreet! (We’ve all been on that side of the counter.)
Please keep your child home if they are sick. It is important to follow MDO guidelines and policies that are posted on the counter. If your child exhibits any of these symptoms, we will call you to pick up your child early. If your child is on antibiotics for a communicable illness, he or she must have been on the medication for at least 24 hours before returning to class. If your child becomes ill during class or is running a fever we will call you. Please be sure the phone number you write on the sign-in sheet is a number where you can be reached.
As much as possible, a positive behavior management approach will be used. (For example, praising children who are doing what is right, if children are throwing blocks reminding them that blocks are for building not for throwing, etc.) However, if this approach is not working, we will use a “1…2…3… Timeout” method for discipline.
We will always give the child an opportunity to self-correct through positive encouragement.
If a child continues the negative behavior, a teacher will talk to the child to let him or her know the behavior is not acceptable and try to distract the child from it or offer an alternative.
If after the second warning the behavior continues, the teacher will place the child in a time-out chair for two minutes.
At no time will we yell at, embarrass or spank a child. After time out is finished the teacher will talk about the behavior and let the child know he or she is loved and what is expected of him or her. If the behavior is aggressive (biting, hitting, spitting, etc.), the child will be removed from the situation and put in time out immediately using the same procedure.


Khyan Reid


Flo Ziemer


Kieron Clark