What to bring to Mom’s Day Out

Last updated Aug 14, 2019 | Information, Just for Parents, Resources

What to Bring

Be sure to LABEL EVERYTHING with your child’s name. This includes diaper bags, blankets, lunchboxes, food containers, “sippy” cups, bottles, pacifiers, etc.


Children in all classrooms

  • Packed lunch and drink
  • Picture of your child
  • Picture of your child with their family
  • Change of clothes (including underwear, if potty-trained) in a sealable plastic bag labeled with your child’s name
  • Up-to-date vaccination records
  • Container of diaper wipes
  • Diapers, if necessary

Children in preschool rooms (ages 3 & 4)

  • Box of Kleenex tissue paper (at least 110-ct.)
  • Package of dry erase markers (4-pack)