Owls Room


Hello and welcome to the PreK 4 Owl Class!

We are so excited that you have chosen Mom’s Day Out! We are looking forward to getting to know each and every child. As teachers, our goal and privilege are to help each child grow academically, socially, spiritually, and physically. Our days will be full of learning and fun as we partner with you to prepare your child for kindergarten. We will focus on letter recognition, letter sounds, counting, patterning, and many other pre-reading and pre-math skills. We will also be learning many Biblical truths/stories, songs, and be exploring our world through thematic units including farm, ocean, bears/hibernation, life cycle, and many others! We will enjoy themed days, special visitors, and seasonal parties throughout the year. We are also looking forward to incorporating science into the curriculum! Above all, we hope each child leaves with confidence knowing that God loves them and has created them with unique gifts and a special purpose.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Many Blessings! – Mrs. Rockwell and Mrs. Kobler

Time Activity
9:00am Centers / Purposeful Play
9:20am Calendar / Weather
9:30am Themed Unit / Academic Focus
10:00am Imaginative Play / Play Centers
10:30am Bathroom Break
10:45am Snack (Provided by MDO)
11:00am Gym / Tumble Room
11:30am Bible Story / Verse
11:50am Music & Song
12:00pm Lunch
12:30pm Storytime / Centers
12:45pm Quiet Activities (Centers, Legos, Puzzles)
1:00pm Parent Pick-Up

Important things to remember as you come to MDO each day:

Hand Washing

Before entering the classroom, please wash your child’s hands with soap and running water in the bathroom next to the MDO entrance. Hopefully, this will help our students and teachers stay healthy all year! Your cooperation in helping to prevent the spread of germs is greatly appreciated!


Please keep your child home if they are sick. We really can’t stress enough the importance of following the MDO guidelines and policies that are posted on the counter. If your child exhibits any of these symptoms, we will call you to pick up your child early. If your child is on antibiotics for a communicable illness, he or she must have been on the medication for at least 24 hours before returning to class. If your child becomes ill during class or is running a fever we will call you. Please be sure the phone number you write on the sign-in sheet is a number where you can be reached.


In our classroom, we strive for a safe and nurturing environment for everyone. This means providing the children with engaging activities, anticipating behavioral issues before they arise and using positive reinforcement. There may be times–however infrequent–when other methods must be used. During these times we will be using a time-out chair. After first receiving a warning, a child that continues to misbehave will be removed from the activity and escorted to a time-out chair that is away from the class. He or she will remain in the chair for a period of time equivalent to his/her age (in our classroom, this would be approximately 4 minutes). Afterward, the teacher would then briefly engage the child in conversation that may include asking the child if s/he knows why they were in the time-out chair, reminding the child of the posted classroom rules and/or guiding the child to a more appropriate response in the future.
At no time will any form of physical discipline, screaming or belittling be used. Please note that behaviors that are considered more severe may result in an automatic time-out, with no warning be issued. Most likely, this is for behaviors that involve hurting someone else and allow the teachers time to soothe the injured child. Most children are already familiar with the time-out method and understand this consequence.
Mom’s Day Out does not allow biting, hitting or demonstrating extremely wild behavior. If one child injures another child repeatedly, this aggressiveness will be evaluated by the Director and the child may be asked to leave the program.
Children this age have a natural desire to please others and we do not anticipate many behavior issues in our classroom going beyond the warning stage. We plan to have a lot of fun in Pre-K this year and know that the children will not want the consequence of being removed from the excitement!!

Additional Notes

Please make sure your child wears socks to school.


Becky Rockwell

Becky Rockwell


Theresa Kobler

Theresa Kobler